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wordpress blogToday we’ll go directly to the most important step of creating your own business, namely to creating your own blog. Consider the easiest and fastest way to create a blog on the super functional engine WordPress.

How to create a simple blog?


Most simply and quickly, is to create a blog on WordPress engine. Of course, it’s hard to show it all in this article. To do this, on the Internet there are many free courses and manuals. You can easily find them by typing in the search bar of your browser phrase ” creating a blog” We discuss the main stages of creating and customizing your blog.

So, as I said the easiest way to create a blog, it’s his creation by WordPress.

Look at the basic steps of creating blog:


1. Selection consonant domain name and its further registration.

2. Choosing a good, inexpensive hosting and its registration.

3. Installation WordPress engine itself.

4. Installation of theme, plugins, files.

5. Overall setting of the blog in the complex, placing sections and pages, articles and blog entries.

And after all these our actions, we have a full-featured blog that will be located on the Internet, and which will be in further bring us a profit. But until it happen, is far away. The whole process will take you not long time, maybe a few hours. Everything depends on your initial preparation and a course that you choose to install it.

Let us consider now in more details of each point to help you understand how to do it and would spend to this as little as possible of personal time. How to create a blog, you can learn how: is  to download free books, “How to create a Blog” . But the best tutorials, you will be find on Youtube, there is a lot of  video courses “how to create a WordPress blog”,
1. Selection consonant domain name and its further registration.

Here, you first need to pay for a domain name for one year. Value of its are not high, especially in the zone. Com. This is pennies

2. Choosing a hosting company and its registration.


Working on the Internet, I often see the picture when many of hosting providers just lay down in a large influx of people. And this is not isolated cases. That’s why I recommend to choose proven and reliable hosting. And actually after the registration is completed, you are ready begin to create your own blog.

When you purchase your hosting, service immediately will point you, where you can easily register for it. Feel free to follow the link and register it.

3. Installation of WordPress engine itself.

Here we come to the most crucial moment. We install WordPress engine to our hosting. I think the problem with that you should arise. Simply speaken , after registration of your domain name, we will operating directly with your future blog. What will be already visible on the internet, but it still kind of charmless. So, to Install WordPress blog engine, which you can find and download for free from Internet. Or use directly on your hosting cPanel software called as Fantastico, for fas wordpress blog installation. “Fantastico” is a commercial script library that automates the installation of web applications to a website

4. Installation of theme, plugins, files.

Now we will completely change the appearance of your blog. To do this, find and download the theme,
from internet or directly from themes section on your wordpress blog backend. As the standard themes that are included, are  little bit not so “lookable”.  Therefore, it is necessary to find and pick a theme that you enjoy. But that’s not all. Next we choose the necessary plug-ins and install them.

All plug-ins you can find on the internet and plug-ins are freely available.

wordpress theme
5. Full customization of the blog in the complex.

Placing there sections and pages, articles and blog entries.


Having established theme, plug-ins and files on the server, you simply activate them and then begin to customizing. Customize them is not difficult. Download free course about creating a blog from the Internet, and you easily can handle with this task.

When you’re done, you’re ready to create sections and pages, articles and blog entries. Here again there’s nothing complicated. To do this, you are already working fully from the administrative panel of the blog, and deal with all the subtleties, will not be difficult. Most importantly, you do not need to know programming languages ​​and other subtleties. Everything you need you will make without them. The main thing is just to be able to find right information from Internet.

Your main goal is to stick with  chosen niche and try to write interestingly and substantially.

Here we are with you shortly and explored all the stages of creating a blog.
Of course, you will have a lot of questions, but the answers to them, you can always find on the internet. Ask the question directly in the search bar of your browser and you are guaranteed to find the answer. Main thing are not afraid of nothing. And keep moving forward. Over time, you will be already creating interesting content and build your blog, and you’ll improve itself in these matters.

- Vitaly

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