Why Internet Marketing and jump to entrepreneurs world

Have a busy life with all the professions,

why-notin 90′s was huge boom to go and get IT- specialists  education i was also there with those
people who want good job and have skills in computer techniques. And of course good salary.
Like i was mentioned before in my other posts i was working in IT- industry little bit but quit very quickly for too many people in this industry so no workplaces at all.
I had also passion in cars and other technique stuff etc..

Whatever, i had good places to work actually  in the best car service places in our town.
I’ve learned so much technical stuff from there i decide to create my own car electrician service and engine rebuilding company. Of course i doesn’t have my own place i just was working as self-employed about 6 years and very successfully i had very good income i had 3 cars at same time always and much more. Still my life style was go to work early morning and back at late evening almost at night home. In few years i was simply burned out. One day i just say i can’t do this anymore. Self- Employed and same wonderful work and no any time for itself and family.

What to do when burned out? In my working period i have read lot of interest books about making buck and also mindset stuff, actually i was interested in this and was find lot of products about personal development and psychology, about 2 years i was reading and watching videos daily to understand how our world and human been works “Tech mind” sorry,  these lessons was keep me going in my decision to start something very new in my life. After i decide stop my hard working in service i was straightly jump online to seek income source.
From making buck books i was read lot of stuff about Multi Level Marketing and Investing  and so on, so on.  MLM is known as easiest way to start your own business for RESIDUAL income, and specifically word RESIDUAL was attract me  most.

With MLM i was familiar long time and heard about it thousand times and concept of this type of business never hooked  me… On other way for residual income was Investing in Stock Market and Trading  also i highly recommend do that if you are in business or working this is one of thing what i do for little income increasement and like it. But not as a trader i’m using long term ETF’s available for anyone required some learning and trading skills, but whatever this is another story not for this particular post. In future i can maybe tell some of this income methods! But on other blog!  I have also created long time ago another little company called as IT-Investments  with my ex-girlfriend idea was help average people start using Internet for stock market, we had at the time very good relationship with one of tool providing company
for stock trading specially for ETFs.

But this is my little past and we are no anymore in relationship with my ex-girlfriend i have still company but it’s frozen for a moment and i have actually reason for this in future,
so why i mentioned relationship with stock market company is: they have very good affiliate product and at the time when i was just starting my journey in business and online business i was don’t even understand what is affiliate and what is Internet Marketing and what this all about.  The time was going i was using my trading skills with Forex trading, Binary option trading  and with no work. I need to find another temporary job! I was writing in about me section i was also car seller.
I was there because i need money to live and trading is quite stressful hobby!

Ok, from one thing to another!
You can imagine what you can build if you have High Quality products and affiliate/network marketing skills and good quality education to make this all things work together!
When i had understand this business conception, and understands was not coming from the air i was in Internet long time and was seen lot of money making stuff and lot of books what basically you can read and you start understand by little piece “bit” of information! Have to understand there is no short cut to be successful in this industry, it’s all about reading and learning new methods. It’s like technology every day coming something new and you have to be all in this Internet Marketing Business to understand how this all works and be in time with it.

Best of all this business is available for anyone and you can start totally from zero!
Start from basics  learn foundation there is very many Blueprints and High Quality programs to start and it all is learnable! This is not rocket science anyone can do it, only what you need make your decision and take action!

Purpose of this blog is show you methods what you can implement in your business or how you can start your own Internet Marketing business. I would share  here my own ideas and methods what i use personally and in future explain some techniques what was exactly works for me!

- Vitaly




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