Traffic Monetization For Earnings


monetizationHave your own small business website lately not as profitable as prestigious,
but it still does not mean that the resource owner must bear the constant expenses on the support its online project and not to pay back from it.

Despite all the difficulties to make money online on the site today perhaps even for a relatively young project – it requires a standard package – increase traffic and monetization of traffic – That’s all.





How to correctly to monetize traffic?


Make money keyboard imageSuch an approach is not as risky as selling links, because in most cases the Link Sell had no claim to the search contextual advertising site, teaser advertising or earning from affiliate programs or by direct advertisers.

Of course, not everything is as simple as we would like to be. As beginner in online business, income at first will not greatly exceed the costs of domain name and hosting, but the water strokes fell great oaks, and the main thing to start and do not fail from the right path on the way.


Should be remembered the words that Steve Jobs said – “… do not be trapped by dogma, which exists as a result of other people’s thinking.

Do not let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice. “Said this to the fact that it is necessary to determine the way of development of your site and go that way, despite occurring failures, and the result will come sooner or later. If you constantly copy other people’s thoughts and views, you can forever remain be twin and  be in hostage with in lives of others.

Digress. To monetization of traffic has been successful we must first achieve increase of attendance necessarily targeted and natural traffic as wound by visits not bring any joy and once again have to contemplate in the mirror on  own stupid fault winking face.

Monetization of traffic we can expand into several basic components -


- Contextual advertising, including Google Adsense

- Teaser advertisements, “Social Networks Facebook etc..”

- Affiliate programs

- Cooperation with direct advertisers.


Smart monetization of traffic requires successful arrangement of advertising blocks on the page, as well content relevance of advertising, which increases CTR “Click Through Rate” and allows to earn more after visitor go through your links from content or ads on your site.

Not make sense to display on the pages devoted to cooking recipes, offers for sale of building materials therefore seek to optimize advertising and content right way and fortune will not turn away from you in such a good endeavor, as the desire to monetize your traffic.

In simple words, If we consider on the specific examples, it will looks exactly like this. You create a project or site to attract traffic on it, then spend the monetization of the project site, traffic that you brought will converting into money. So, monetization of traffic is the ability to earn you money on autopilot, not putting no effort or spending your own time in future.

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