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trafficThe main goal of any website has to attract traffic and its competent use.
We basically believe that, than  more visitors that’s always better. At the same time, we never have enough money, and we can’t mindlessly spend it on getting traffic, constantly thinking about payback. That is why the quality traffic plays an important role in all your work in further. That is why we first talk about the kinds of traffic and will not touch old question which is better, or worse. This material is for other articles.

What kinds of traffic there is? In fact, it can be counted quite a large number, but we look in this article main of them. We will not go into great wilds of the Internet, and we look just the most basic ones.
Search engine traffic. Search engine traffic is the most acceptable type of traffic, since there is necessarily no needs to spend any of your money. What does this represents? A person comes to the search engine and hammers in the bar of a browser any of search phrase and search system gives him a list of sites where this phrase is mentioned. But for a beginner this kind of traffic is not quite easily reachable, so what you will do with this, we’ll talk in the following articles. Let me just say one thing here is the first part extends this concept as SEO – site optimization. The main thing is to get search engine traffic, you always look at the literacy of writing articles and notes on your website, and filling a site with a qualitative content, also optimize it in any possible way.
Since this issue is very large, about some of this methods we will cover in subsequent articles.

Social media traffic. It  mainly comes from social networks, the largest of which there is Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and other less numerous networks.

How does this scheme works and thereby making it possible to get traffic to your site. For example, consider this question as writing articles on the site. You have successfully written an article and posted it on your blog. If a person likes your article, he/she push Social Share button on your article and sends review about your article to social networks.

In social networks, Review or comment will automatically shared on walls of all his friends, and they completely without your traffic2participation, get know about your site. Also you on your own wall in Social networks will posts each of article what is written by you, then all of your friends will know about it too. Thanks to this a lot of people will be know about your site/blog and many of them will go to it, to look and read your articles. Here you have the traffic to your site!

Targeted traffic.
Targeted traffic is your regular audience, ie your subscribers. Thanks to them, you can control the traffic to your website by preparing a series of letters for that audience and when you send them your new updates from your site you redirecting them by links to your website, thereby increasing your site popularity. You see how easy it is.

Paid traffic. For today one of the easiest and beneficial of cost of your time. After all, for do it you need almost nothing. You go to the any advertising network, register there, make an order and wait for the traffic to the site by counting the number of visitors.
The biggest disadvantage of this type of traffic is an embedding personal funds and quite considerable. Additionally, you must be a professional in order to act upon your advertising campaign did not bring nothing but losses, and had itself effective and recoverable.

Referral traffic. It is traffic from referrals. How you can attract this kind of traffic to your website? First you will need to run on your site affiliate program that will always bring you more and more visitors to the site. This kind of traffic is most suitable for a beginner, because for this traffic method, you do not need any investments.

Each type of traffic is divided into categories which myriad. In this article we attempt to highlight the main ones. These are:

1 Selection of a good, quality and reliable hosting. From good  choice of hosting will depend mainly work of your website and it bandwidth of visitors. Also, the choice of hosting should be implemented carefully and thoughtfully.

2 Selection and tune with the Site Topics, domain name.

3 Banner Advertising. This advertisement, which is located on the banners.

4 Teaser advertising. “Social Media Networks”

5 Create the subscription form and Landing Page.

6 Continuous analysis of the keywords used in articles and notes.

7 Release and giveaway e-book or video course.

8 Active participation in forums on relevant topics.

9 Great content site what will allow visitors to recommending it to friends.

10 Image Optimization placed on own website.

11 Placement and sturdy of quality articles from site into categories.

12 Links to your website directory sites. “Website of  thematic blogs”

13 Creating accounts in all social networks.

14 Creating and maintaining a page on Facebook.

15 Creating and placing ads on Twitter.

16 Continuous update and improvement of your own blog.

17 Installing on a social buttons to visitor could post to their pages on social networks.

18 Viewing and commenting on other blogs.

19 Frequent use of guest blogging.

20 Using  PPC (Pay Per Click) Networks.

21 A reviews of your blog.

22 Ongoing work of your backlinks.

23 Complete rejection in the initial stage, from the placement, of any advertising.

24 Video traffic from popular channels.. (For example: the most popular You Tube, and many others)

25 Create your own channel on You Tube.

This list is fairly conventional, because often many types of traffic will intersect. But I tried to choose from a huge number of the most important concepts for the future prosperity of your site.

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