In this post i want to cover few questions about Internet Marketing
and how to start.


QA internet marketingWhat steps you need to do to start profit from it and how Online business
actually works! For me personally it was solution when you start understand idea
on whole process. For being successful in this business you have to learn some skills,
also create your own place to be reachable for your “Prospects” where you can share
actually your knowledge “Value” with people who want to know more about you or
what are you doing! So same in short:

“Who you are, What do you Do and How You Do What You Do”

So here is most popular questions that people have right before they make the decision to get started.

Starting my first Online business / Internet Marketing business

First question, how i start and how long it takes to succeed?

Actually it is very easy to start your online business and there is no limitations for it,
For now we talk about Internet marketing, first thing in this whole process you have to know
what is your “niche”, what is your interests and what you can offer to people,  what products
or services you like itself and you want to share with other people, what benefits in your product,
how your product was helped you to reach your goal or helped you in some situation…
for how long it takes to…keep reading…  

Do i Need Build My Own Website?


Building your own website is not only very costly, but very time consuming if you don’t know
what you are doing. But still, we have at this time so much information how to do that and free services to build own Blog, Website, Video hosting, and much more for your business.
Of course you want to use good quality products and services for your business, fortunately
you can find lot of stuff HERE and also you can find something useful on this blog for your business.

What Does It Cost To Get Started?

Actually it’s FREE to start your online business, but for better results, you will  be need
few… is your own Domain name, Web Hosting and E-mail Auto responder.
These are “must have” tools for your Internet Business..

What is List Building?

This is most important thing in our Online Business Industry.
Like i’ve mentioned before one of the “must have” tool is E-mail Auto responder
When you build your online business, you always want to get from your clients contact information
And easiest way to do this is using autoresponder for collecting contacts and bring new subscribers.
From your website or blog. Very Important to get future contact with them.

How Long It Takes To Get Results?

You can actually get results right away, but let me explain this is all depends what kind person you
are and your skill level. Let’s talk about little bit more about success in this business.

See, “being successful” is not about how long it
takes to reach your results
Some people can reach their goals in a few weeks.
Others in a few months.
Others can take a years.

So,  here is what i’m doing personally daily to succeed in this industry.

From my personal thought when i was starting my online journey

It seems like there are so many things to do in this business of  “online marketing” that it’s easy to feel like I’m working and working and working….but not getting anywhere.

So first and biggest focus on this business?

Again when I first got started in this industry, it was easy to put in days and nights and feel like I wasn’t making any progress at all… So here is where to focus on when you are just started! To get quicker results and succeed in this business.

- Personal Development

Make sure you are reading the book every day — at least one hour, this keeping me going! Listening to powerful audios and watching videos about success of other people.  Turn off the TV and stop reading the newspapers!!!!  And also make sure that you’re filling your head only with positive information that supports your goals.

- Next thing what i love to do is Learning about marketing

Also on daily basis “Marketing Trainings” there’s no shortcut for this.  Learning more about marketing every day is part of the “job description”.  You should be learning something about traffic, lead generation, sales conversion, copy-writing, etc. be sure you have do it every day!
And of course i have all it for you keep reading…..

- And the last thing produce your activity

here examples of income-producing activities:  emailing your list with an offer or some value you want to share, write your Blog post, share on Social Media, etc…

This was your first steps in Internet Marketing, so now you have an idea what it’s all about and how this actually works and much more is coming this was a little introduction about online business.
-  Vitaly

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