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Today in my mind, was to write little bit about advertising,

but then i had idea before we go to advertising and all kind
stuff, really want to share one very important thing like what
i need to put on my Landing Page to get Impressions
and Opt-ins, because i know, this issue will still bothers me

if am not share this with you and save maybe little bit of your money! :)

Actually i was started little bit learning about Content Marketing so let’s try Verdana
at this time! Maybe this post is little bit more attractive and readable! :)


I say at once – it does not claim it’s just a vision.
This is my own look on this topic, from my own experience and not from Internet Marketing Encyclopedia. So I depart from an encyclopedic style, and will stand on the side of a potential reader. )

What is it a Landing Page?

Landing Page is whole stand alone website, which is designed to collect email addresses. Note that this is not just a web-form “name + email» – this is a whole page that has several structural elements.

Initially there was the so-called (“landing page”), providing immediate response in the form of ordering.
* The most famous example for you – “Single page website”


In this case the main difference between the landing and subscription pages – this is the price issue. Subscription page (usually) does not call the visitor to part with their money.


All what it had to do – is provide your email address.

This, incidentally, is one of the main reasons why the landing page
give a higher conversion rate.

Since the classic landing page has a massive amount, so then “classics” of email marketing introduced the concept of a special subscription name for the page – “squeeze page”. Simply – mini landing page.


Subscription page in the classic version consists of four ex-main units:

1. header

2. benefits

3. Call to Action

4. subscription Form


In addition, each case is different. This structure is good for something unique.

And when we are offered with a highly competitive product for a decision, we need something more – because previously we was burned on some product or service and now we are suspicious of all that what is additionally provided by the offer.

Let’s start with you from the fact that the text for the subscription page belongs to the “genre” of selling texts. That text sells a newsletter.

So next thing is…

Who are our victim?

Before writing the text for the Landing page – do not think about how best to sell your knowledge. Your main goal in this case is – the thoughts of potential subscribers.

Because they will not only be a reference point for your landing page, but also thoughts for the upcoming subjects in mailing letters.
Therefore, your first task is – exploration for information. You need to understand – what would be interesting for your subscriber.

Actually, i was read recently that 67% of subscribers, unsubscribe from mailing lists on the grounds that they stopped be interesting.

So, look for something that is it interesting for them, not for you. As they say – the author makes the reader. As people say – The readers create an Authors!

Suppose that your theme of your mailing – “Profitable online business”, you plan to share with subscribers any useful information that will help them how to create a profitable online business.

So, we have three things here,
now in this case: business + marketing + sales

Also, where you will be search an information for your potential readers:

1. Blogs of same themes

2. Discussions from forums

3. From other Online Business owners

4. Other…


Why people subscribe for newsletters?


People subscribe to our newsletters for the following reasons:




- To get new useful knowledge

- To become even better

- Gain a competitive advantage

- Identify their weaknesses and work on the mistakes

- To save their own time

- Be closer to the author


Here is the minimal set of reasons, just to direct your thoughts in the right direction.

Why would you need this? When you know the reasons for the action – you find it easier to choose “to pick up” levers of influence. And of course motive in each case is their own.

Consequently, collected “motivators” you can lay in the basis for your own convincing “Bullets.”


For example, show how in your newsletter for subscribers how they will get even better. Prove due to which, they can gain a competitive advantage, etc… etc…
Next also very important thing….
Why do people unsubscribe from mailing lists?

This information block, I think it is useful because it immediately will show you what not to do.


Here is a list of these reasons:

- letters are no longer valuable as well as interesting

- frequent sending of advertising messages

- your letters come randomly, without schedule

- the author does not answer letters or sends answers as favor-

- letters come too often

- letters eventually begin to repeat and be like all same

- letters strongly bulky and badly designed, they are hard to read

- subscriber starts receiving letters from other mailings

What gives you this information?


In fact, very much. Before you – a typical doubt your problem – to overcome these concerns with the appropriate safeguards.


For example, select the text in the subscription page that you:

1. Stick to a clear timetable (the usual option: 1 email per day). Also specify a specific day and time – it will be all discipline.


2. Will not send advertising letters and information of your subscribers to others. “Don’t resell”


3. Deployed to be ready to respond to letters of each subscriber.


4. Constantly learn the latest trends, case studies, “Golden Nuggets”, etc. – Information is always new, fresh and relevant.


5. Note that the subscriber will be receive only from one mailing, which he was subscribed.

There is another very important guarantee – that tell the subscriber may, if desired can fast and easy to unsubscribe from your mailing list.
Ok, let’s talk about few more things and then i think it’s covered!

How we can enhance “tweak” subscription page?

And actually there is a lot of tweaks what you can do, it’s all depends on the theme, format and audience.


However, I present the most important ones:


1. Reviews from subscribers – do not try to sculpt ” a fiction .”


2 . Expert opinion – a difficult task, but a big name always works on the audience. “If you can get some expert to give opinion for your product etc..”


3 . A free report or a program – it can be  a gift for subscribing to the newsletter. Only that offered information should be really good and  valuable.


4 . Opportunity to learn a few of the letters – a good move, a potential subscriber immediately upon can evaluate how your content is valuable to him. “Very powerful thing!” Not used so much!


5 . Video greeting – also a good move, which gives good result. Subscriber sees you in the face and looks into your eyes . :)


How to make catchy text on your landing page?

The easier it is to read the text – the easier it is to perceive information. The easier it is perceive information – the faster we make decision.

- Title, stands out – Use a larger fonts, different color selection

- Short sentences and small paragraphs (4-5 lines maximum)

- Numbered and bulleted lists

- Isolation of key messages (italic, bold, underline, different font, different colors, fill color, etc….)

- Readable font (Verdana, Tahoma, Arial) 10-12 size

and the last thing most important… Competitors intelligence….

Very useful to look at the landing pages from  similar subjects.


In fact, these pages – are your competitors. Even from a business perspective – it’s silly to start without exploration your competitive camp.

Carefully read the texts from other landing pages – especially from the most popular products business opportunities. See how and what they convince to their audience – and just “surpass” them!

Yes, it’s not easy. But when it is extremely easy -it’s not interested.  :)


And most importantly – you should be well versed in your stuff, which promote to masses.
Otherwise trash will be immediately recognized and strongly slams you to different of places.
Here is what i want cover today and,

Successful Landing Page creation and impressive results!

- Vitaly Junolainen

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