How To Prepare For A Career In Internet Marketing

How to become Internet entrepreneur, who are Internet entrepreneur?

- Internet marketer. What is he doing?

What are the challenges facing the Internet marketer in modern company? Typically, an expert of the profession cares not only about the promotion of products or services, but also about creating and maintaining the correct reputation of your company on the Internet. For this web marketer constantly conducts a number of activities, including:

- Coordination of the website from creation to upgrading

- Various advertising campaigns and PR-action in the network

- As well as the main duty of all marketers – collection and analysis of various information.


The work as Internet marketer – is a complex of actions aimed to promoting the company in the online space: attract customers, get production to a certain level, market research, helping to increase the effectiveness of sales, branding and creating a certain image of the company.

“Marketing – is attracting and retaining customers. Internet Marketing – is attract and retain customers online.”

And if the company believes that its potential and existing customers use Internet, and it so in 99% of cases, then for company is vital important to have specialist of the internet marketing. What should to do an Internet marketer?

If we expand the processes of attracting and retaining customers in the smaller business-oriented processes, then these processes will be four:

1. Lead generation – (attracting users to the site and convict to make the first purchase, or leave their contact information in exchange for something that represents value for them)

2. Work with “leads” – (Lead management – a set of actions aimed at “growing” potential customers into Leads, ready to buy, often processed into the form of learning)

3. Closing “deals” – (Lead conversion – a process that includes the removal of all kinds of questions and objections from the client in the way of closing)

4. Ensuring repeat sales – (Account management – work with existing clients, including not just before the sales but also in future as customer service).


If understanding of the first process (Lead generation) in the minds of marketers, top managers and business owners more or less formed, then the latter three processes in most cases as old fashioned way dumped on sales team. While on the Internet, they could be addressed much faster and cheaper. Well, if to build the processes that will help those two departments to work together, then “synergistic effect will show even more impressive results.”

- Internet marketer. What he can?

To Online marketer could be called a master of his craft, he must know a lot and be able to do a lot of things.. One of the exponents used to estimate the level of professionalism Internet marketer – is a basic set of knowledge theory, which includes knowledge of: principles and architecture of the Internet, the core networking technologies, as well as specific terminology.

Internet marketers should understand the basics of good classic offline marketing, because the traditional principles and strategies remain the foundation of web marketing.

Search and analysis – is marketers basic tools so technologies, strategies, algorithms, data retrieval in the web space Online marketer should own masterfully.

Internet marketer is not necessarily need to combine professions as designer and programmer, but a basic knowledge of the methods and technologies of development websites will be very useful to marketing specialist. At least in order to quickly and clearly explain the main task set of marketing to webmaster. All skills necessary to work effectively, you can get from online marketing courses, “Informational products.”

The knowledge required for Internet marketers in order to create successful selling site:

The first unit of knowledge – marketing. Internet marketer needs to know his target audience, to understand how it makes decisions, to be able to imagine yourself in the place of its various representatives. That mean, have the skills of designing a website, not as offer (what competitors are doing or what want head of company). Build website on the demand (needs, desires and habits of the target audience).

Second unit of knowledge – psychology of user behavior on the Internet. For the most part, it’s usability. Marketer needs to know what people expect from online stores, what they want to see in the header, which forms prefer to fill, and so on. Without this knowledge, marketer will have to reinvent the wheel, wasting time and money on unnecessary experiments.

The third block of the required knowledge – it is copywriting. The ability to write texts, urging members of the target audience to perform a particular action can be compared with the degree of sharpening a knife. Bad texts do not help to push the client down through funnel as well as a dull knife can’t cut anything. Strong convincing texts involve visitors in the marketing funnel, slowly and invisibly closer to the cashier. “

- Internet marketer. What kind of person he is?

Internet marketers need the ability to determine the range of tasks to set specific goals and move towards achieving them. Jobs marketer – this is largely set out repetitive actions: thorough collection of information, painstaking analysis of the extracted information, drafting strategies, plans and reports. Therefore, specialist in this area have a high degree of perseverance. One of the qualities required by a successful Internet marketer is to communicate. Will not prevent a person skilled in this area ability to logical analysis, and commitment to continuous self-learning. Creativity come in handy in organizing creative approach to problems, which determines the effectiveness of an Internet project.

“What are the three most important qualities that should have an Online Marketer?”

Online marketer should be able to read, count and write. And is not a joke.

With degree in this area is a big problems – simply nowhere to study.

The only source of knowledge – it is books, blogs, and newsletters. Refill knowledge should be continuous. To become an expert in any field, you need to devote to it at least 10,000 hours. Of course, these watches include not only reading, most of the time should be given to practice as well.

But as the theory and practice always go together, you need to practice on the basis of reading.

The ability to write persuasive texts and achieve results with their help, I think it’s third necessary Internet marketer skill. As you read this article, content marketing is gaining Internet.
Three page squeeze pages, business sites are losing to corporate blogs. Blogs are updated every day win against blogs that are updated once a week. Algorithms of search engines within each update make content more meaningful and external factors lose their weight. Internet marketer is not enough to manage the content, he must be able to create it. And not only articles, but also scenarios for video clips, selling texts for webinars and e-books, email-newsletters and so on. Without skills of copywriting value of internet marketer is reduced by half.

- Varieties of Internet marketers.

In internet marketing, there are many directions, so in large companies organized a marketing department, where everyone is engaged in own professional sphere. Experts in the field of e-mail marketing developing tactics of effective mailing, and SEO analysts control writing optimized content closely with copywriters, marketers in social media plan and conduct campaigns to attract consumers and increase confidence in the brand. A separate item is possible to allocate viral marketing, which involves the creation of an original and engaging content that people will want to show their friends. In small firms, as a rule, these duties are performed by the same one specialist, but in this case the volume of work is much smaller and quite capable of competent to internet marketer.

- Where can be learned on the internet marketer?

“I share for myself internet marketers into two types: technicians and entrepreneurs.”

Technical people I call specialists of narrow disciplines – search engine optimization, contextual advertising, social media, usability and so on. In these areas over the past couple of years, there quite a lot of courses  and training materials online, to developing these skills. Schools, for developing entrepreneurial side of internet marketer, not a lot. Therefore, the only way to develop the entrepreneurial mindset and skills is to read books, articles and blogs. And not only for marketing and internet marketing, but business in general. Business literature does not teach how to do this and that, it teaches to think in the right direction.

- I want to become an internet marketer. Where to start?

“It is extremely difficult to imagine a person who would ask such a question. Around this profession is no such a thing, like, say, an astronaut or an entrepreneur. Nobody writes about this in school essay “Who I want to be when I grow up.”

People not born as Internet marketers, they become. For example, me and other internet marketer friends to me was grew mostly of computer lovers. First, as all in childhood, we played computer games, and then carried away by creating simple web sites, trying to earn some money from them, then began to read a lot deeper into certain aspects of internet marketing, came to the basics of marketing,  have learned to associate them together, and here we are.

Many are immersed in the internet marketing from “just” marketing. Often it is simply necessary measure, since each year Internet flows more and more customers and therefore money.

In my opinion, the best online marketers are former “sales people”, but only if it occurs at their own free will. These professionals know and understand all the processes of  customers mind, so for they are not a problem to design the trajectory of website for people who visit the site, leading to a conscious decision to purchase and directly purchase. Unfortunately, there is not a lot  of such specialists. ”

- Conclusion, what perspectives?

Marketing – a wide and interesting field of activity, and the development of projects aimed to company promotion on the Internet – the process is responsible, but very exciting.

Discussing about the perspectives and trends of Internet marketing, many often talk about technical solutions or the development of certain areas. I will answer contrary to all: new tools and concepts are not worth a damn unless there is the people who understand how to use them 100%.

“I think that first of all online marketers need to learn to be marketers to think systematically, to develop their own strategies, proceeding from the needs of its target audience. Second, learn to use the available resources to the full. And only when their capacity is running low, go for new solutions. “

So if you are interested in getting started in this billion dollar industry, sign up below and let’s get you started.




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- Vitaly Junolainen

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