Potential disadvantages of working at home


Work at homeIn a previous post it was only about the positive reasons for working at home, but in order to fully objective conclusions, we must also look at the other side, what disadvantages can wait you.
Work from home seems irreproachable dream, is not it? So it’s easy to imagine the days when you wake up late, do not be a slave to someone, and at the same earn a lot of money. In reality, however, these benefits do not always cover the existing shortcomings.
If you decide to work at home, then you need to consider the potential disadvantages of this mode of work and life.

1. You will distract completing their chores.

This can include anything from a girlfriend or wife to ailing child. Even the beloved pet will require your attention, not to mention the unexpected situations that occur are always “on time.” Family members are not serious about your work at home, and you can “pull you” when they want. At home, the distractions can be much more than working in the office.

2. You do not get paid vacations.

Of course, this will depend on the type of your business, but often work from home and assumes frilansing work on yourself. Nothing”free floating” or your own business will not give you the opportunity to spend the free weekends and vacation trips.

3. You will have no counterparts.

Often working from home, person remains fully one. Perhaps you will miss stories of friends around the office and laughing friends.

4. Responsibility rests only you.

Did not have a boss – it’s not bad, but it also means that any problem falls on you. Costs on: income tax, insurance, accounting and everything else is just on your shoulders.

5. Unpredictability.

Without a contract of employment at the firm and paid jobs, your income can vary significantly from month to month. It also happens that some month does not have any income from your work.

6. Lack of working space.

Note that even if you live in a fairly large house, your family will always be missed is that “snout”, which you have equipped a working office.

7. Motivation.

Many people are faced with the need to feel a sense of commitment to that to be the best. For this, they need the conditions of competition. This motivates them. Difficult to get a similar motivation, if you work at home alone. Often the motivation to stay in the warm bed is much higher than aspirations for get success on your workings.

8. Cash investments and expenses.

Now, all you need to organize the work, have to your own expense at as minimum, to buy a computer and internet access. Also consider the additional cost of maintaining equipment, and increased household: electricity, water etc.. etc…

9. Low physical activity.

Working from home, it happens that rarely go out from the house and try to meet all the needs in the home. A sedentary lifestyle is not the best way affects health. However, what happens is that working from home people support themselves in even better shape and are engaged in outdoor activities in free time can visit the gyms, but this is mostly an exception.

In Conclusion: In general, work at home offers you the freedom of choice and action, and also allows you to efficiently use your own time. If you are successful, and profits can be high, but it’s safe to say that most of remote workers prefer this way of working because of their own freedom. :)
Actually it was my reason to start working from home to have much more freedom!
And nobody can told me what to do and what not!

- Vitaly

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