Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers 

Permission marketingSeth Godin – this is the man who came up with confidence Marketing, described in the book (Permission Marketing), since June 1999, included in the “Top 100 best sellers” online store Amazon. The key point of trust marketing is that you, in essence, buy someone’s time and attract someone’s attention. About this, you will find in the councils below.

For more Seth Godin founded a company YoYoDyne, that company was engaged in interactive marketing. Later, the company was sold to the search giant Yahoo!, where Seth took a place as vice-president of marketing. Later he left the Yahoo! (shall nevertheless remain its external advisor). So, here are tips on how to make money on the internet from guru of trust marketing:





  • The first step – to stop Googling things like “how to make money online” or “online business.” Not because it’s bad to – make money online, but because is what you will find is a way to help you to lose your money online. It’s  same like you asking how to make money in Casino from  the Casino owner in Las Vegas.
  • Do not pay anyone for the simple and proven instructions on how to achieve their goal. Especially do not pay anyone to taught you how to write and sell e-books or manuals about how to earn online.
  • Get rich slowly.
  • Focus on the scarce network resource: in attention. If you try to invent a way to draw a cheap attention  and convert it into money, you will lose. The attention that you need, is not cheap. It’s hard to get through SEO and it is rarely scaled. So, find out how to attract an expensive attention.
  • In addition to attention, focus on trust. Trust is deficiency even more than attention.
  • Do not worry too much about “the Internet.” Instead, find out how to create value. “the Internet” part of the business take care of by itself.
  • Do not immediately dismiss from work. Start with evenings and weekends, and let you teach small lesions.
  • Gained reputation in the community. Good, of course. Make sure that you deserve it, and withstand scrutiny.
  • Specialize on obsession. Neither niche can’t be too small, if it’s yours.
  • Make money offline. If you can comprehend how to create value in life, it will be much easier to figure out how to convert in numbers.
    Web – it’s not magic, it’s rather, simply for effective communications.
  • Become the best in the world at something that people appreciate. Easier said than done, but worth more than you think.
  • Communicate with people who are not looking for easy shortcuts. Learn from them.
  • Failings. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, but try to make them cheap and not repeat. This is the best gift given by web for people who want to start their own business.
  • Build Online legacy which daily increases its value.
  • Make money in small and then incessantly scale. Do not be greedy – do not try to do “everything for everyone.”
  • Do not chase yesterday hobbies in the network. What you see in the Internet have done before you.
  • Think big, act with intent and  not be linked to launch of personal attacks. If this is not agenda for the day, then why waste your time on it?
  • Lead, be a leader.
  • Learn continuously. Learn to code, learn to write persuasively, understand new technologies, learn how to bring the best results in a team, how to find unused resources, notice principles.
  • This is a zero-sum game. The more you invest in the community, the larger piece you get.

Hopefully given here tips, will help you to understand the issue how to earn online. How this game works.

– Vitaly Junolainen