Little thoughts, about Internet Marketing then we keep going!

Affiliate marketingSo, what a heck and why i need this all and  is what actually is going on here?
I was in Internet Marketing not so long time about 2 years So, this whole industry
bring my in quite a short period of time to start understand possibilities of this industry  and i was in fact started reading  about like human psychology, brain wash stuff and Psycho technologies also watching probably all documental TV Shows about things what i have mentioned! Thanks to Internet Marketing and Sales Business industry.
In fact there is so much behind the scenes stuff what i have never seen before
and you can imagine how this marketing stuff can attract in if understands really what it is
and how people makes fortune whit this.

Whatever, from thing to other

Here is a basics:

What is next steps to Internet Marketing? Purpose of this blog explain how to start
your own online business and cover most easiest steps to start Internet Marketing and sales business, actually without selling anything.
Wordpress bolg is now Up, if no?  Use this link HERE to setup WordPress blog in few easy steps!

Internet Marketing is very broad notion and in this particular post i want introduce you what is possible to do Online and what directions we can use for making our business Online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Mostly offering valuable products to solve people problems! That product may be a course, e-book, digital course, info-product, webinar series etc..
Affiliate marketing is designed to use credibility of someone else’s success or success of a proven product to retail to your audience, mostly to “help people with a problems they want to solve”. Also can work as Direct Sales Marketing It could be with generating leads online/offline, as building e-mail lists, and as giving value like products or services how to create capture pages and all kind of software to do people life easier by using easy bush button software.

With solving your target audience’s problems you will provide a solution for them and earn a commission for that sale. It’s almost in all cases a onetime paid commission from that sale and it’s usually paid out quickly. The purpose for this is to give you immediate cash so that you can also invest in more products or use this products as gift or really cheap product to offer in “Front End”, also quick buck to pay your advertising  and increase your traffic and outcome!
Also most of people decide to go to affiliate marketing because in most cases there is no recruiting involved.

Most Popular Affiliate Networks

Commission Junction

What is CPA Marketing?  CPA (Cost Per Action)

In fact, it is a way of advertising where the advertiser pays the money not for visiting own site, but for necessary to they made actions by other users on a specific page “Website” or “Blog”.
For would make it easier to understand this amazing world of CPA Marketing, I give below the basic terms and concepts used in the CPA industry. So, here we go:
You maybe have seen before words something like this (Advertiser) And (Publisher)?

So, the Publisher actually is not  a webmaster, publisher is an owner of blog or website  in the light of CPA Marketing! His main job is to  execute needs of Advertiser. In the future, we will just use the terms (Publisher) and (Advertiser), in order not to get lost in the terminology.

CPA networks are gaining publishers to promote CPA offers. There are various CPA networks. The main goal of publishers – is to attract new customers and sales, respectively, for which advertisers pay money, and the network in turn deduct a certain amount for the performed work to
the publishers.
Advertisers offer own suggestions to CPA networks, because it saves them time. And they should not find publishers by itself.
CPA networks are finding publishers themselves without the advertiser help.

This is a great opportunity for advertisers,  get away from the finding “collecting” publishers itself and avoid the processing of their commission fees.

Here is the basic role of CPA networks!

Advertiser -> CPA Network -> Publisher

The lists of sentences by advertisers offer you see in CPA Network. For example Advertisers pay $ 40 to the network for new customers or for sales that creates a network for them.

CPA network takes advertiser bid for a certain percentage, the rest is paid to the publisher as commissions! also in this percentage includes the cost of services provided.

In CPA networks shown all the offers , which was confirmed by the advertisers.

Approved publishers can get access to these offers and choose any offer and start promoting it.

For a new client or sell an advertiser pays a percentage to CPA network and CPA Network then in turn, taking a percentage and pays to publisher

CPA network also looking for new publishers, track offers from advertisers by performance and much more …

To each publisher CPA network gives his manager, and later begin to work with him.

That’s way CPA network is beneficial to both of side to advertisers and to publishers.

So next question, why publishers need a CPA networks?

The main reason – the Advertiser will never contact you if you are not “super publisher”, who will bring them lot of money and also many new customers or sales. :)

Most of the “big” advertisers do not know who you are and what you are capable to do, and biggest problem if you are a beginner, you will most likely not be accepted in CPA network, but in the process of learning from this blog, I show you exact way how you can tap in to CPA Network and also we look at the other methods and  ways of how to get around this problem.
The Biggest purpose is to create step by step method how to start actually from zero.
And why i was covered here Affiliate marketing and beyond: CPA Marketing because this is in fact easiest method to start Internet Marketing with CPA Network and Affiliate marketing skills

Also we will be covered Network Marketing for creating Residual income but first is very
Important to understand FOUNDATION of the process. And basically starts from small and then engage
this whole process by more advanced stuff.

Ok, Last words you have now sentiment of CPA Marketing and in very short future i will share with you more, very cool stuff like:

1.Instrumenst for keyword research
2.Landing Page Creation
3.Taktics to promote
4.Traffic from Search Engines
5.Traffic from Social Media
6.Traffic from Forums and Blogs
7.Advanced Youtube Traffic
8.Paid traffic like PPC/PPV
9.E-mail Marketing
10.Banner Media
11. And much more…

- Vitaly


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