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mlm2.0MLM 2.0 – a new, more efficient system conducting of MLM business.
The main tool of this system is – Internet

MLM 2.0 implies

Work with the target audience. Ie with those people who is looking for what you are willing to offer them. Identifying stakeholder groups and the establishment of trust relationships with them.

In fact, in the off-line, we are dealing with the same target audience. Conclusion of a contract in the network marketing, occurs just when you meet among the common masses, candidates representative of your target audience. That is why it is impossible to convince anyone to join your business.

But if off-line those who are potentially interested in our proposal, scattered among those who were not interested in it, otherwise on-line these people are much easier to “calculate” by the information that they’re looking for: they read newsletters, blogs and articles in these topics – that which they are interested in.

And if they are interested in our topic, they will read our courses, newsletters, blogs and articles. You feel – the Internet allows you to meet with those who are already looking for you!

AUTOMATION. If  traditionally networkers screened of  his candidates, meeting, meeting, meeting with all of the candidates, then networker 2.0 uses tools that automate the process of search and selection of candidates, and the process of teaching beginners.

Whole process can look like this:


Affiliate Marketing

MLM 2.0 Sales Funnel


MLM – business can be decomposed into three components – a search for partners, training partners, and product sales. To implement them using Internet technologies needed “smart” e-mail Auto responder , simple single page website, newsletter series “Follow up” and discussion group.

So, let’s expand by all the counts.

1. Your own newsletter series – on the topic, an interesting to potential prospects. This is very important: write for prospects to give them useful information, and periodically publish a link to your Landing Page.
From any traffic sources you know….

2. Landing Page for MLM –  Its main task –  ”sell” to your visitor subscription of free “e-mail course” or information about your business and lot of value. All what needs to be on LP – inviting subscribe to the course and showing the some benefits of  ”ex. how some person passing this course”, the form of subscription and a little information about you.

3. Free e-mail course, which will be subscription from your Landing Page, that  sends automatically, with a specified interval your course or follow up  newsletters to  your prospect. This can be done by using a special service e-mail auto responder
Purpose of the follow – up is that communicate clearly and simply, step by step, with your potential prospect and can be easily introduced to the industry of network marketing, your MLM – company, and with its marketing plan and products.

Most importantly,  ”subscriber” the person have informed about benefits that he/she will receive from you, when having started cooperation with you and your company. And of course, make quite concrete proposal on cooperation.

So, what do we see? We see a funnel, strainer separator, which sifts the prospects and best of all makes it on AUTOPILOT.

At the inlet, a wide part of the funnel – potential prospects, target audience, for whom our follow up is written and delivered. Some of them subscribe to our newsletter and gets our offer.
Output – someone can be interested in this and  will  contact with us, some do not – but we will not see his negativity and did not hear his excuses. :)

To those who are interested, we are working in the usual way – to answer his questions, objections – from letters, via Skype or by phone. And sign – as usual :)

To those who are not interested, keep in touch. All addresses are stored in the database, and we can periodically remind about yourself to those who have not yet matured, and some part necessarily ripen.

Or create own blog and redirect them to your Q&A section. Same for who not interested! Yet.!

Personal branding. The axiom of MLM: people go to the people. Therefore Networker 2.0 – is primarily a Human. And that is what attracts people to him, even on such a cold market, which is an Internet

Your Benefits


1. Phone lists will be replaced by lists of E-mail addresses. It is much easier and does not require much effort. So start collecting your contact lists from Internet. In the future, your mailing lists will work for you without your participation and communicate with your prospects.

2. Results will appear to you so quickly that your acquaintances begin to ask you – “And what are you so busy, eh?”. You do not even have to persuade them. They fit themselves. You just show them how you do it.

3. There is no on the Internet concepts of – “ran out of contacts”. It is endless! It grows rapidly and continuously. You’ll never be late to start working by “system” MLM 2.0. Every day, coming numbers of people to  network and willing to work On-Line. Internet – is a huge virgin land, which is waiting for its farmers. :)
So, for follow up creating you can use other marketers newsletters “Me myself doing it always subscribe to newsletters watch them landing pages get ideas from them” this is first “Main” steps to learn how to do it and it’s free! About advertising methods i was written few posts you can use them!

And one of the best in my opinion is social media marketing “advertising on Facebook or Twitter”
For facebook we have a tool Social Lead Freak that allows you target specific groups your targeted audience. And advertise straightly for them! “Must Have”

Here was method which is used by all of successful Internet Marketers & Network Marketers & Affiliate Marketers.

Network Marketing Sales Funnel Diagram

Network Marketing Sales Funnel Diagram

- Vitaly

another benefit you can give for your prospects is that you can offer to them same tools what you use and teach them how to start and grow your Empire On-Line. For More Information: Click Button Below!



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