Affiliate MarketingOn this blog were i repeatedly published articles about of earnings as using affiliate and cpa network marketing. But we did not discuss how to earn without the site and subscribers as affiliate. Today it is no secret that the earnings on affiliate programs was and is one of the best forms of earning money Online.

In addition, earnings on affiliate programs is the easiest way to earn money for beginners, this is also written earlier. Beginners who has little knowledge,as knowledge is not required in many areas. He did not need to make their own information products, it is not necessary to delve into the intricacies of Infomarmational business. Not need to organize and customize your billing systems and other stuff.

Most schemes of earnings in affiliate marketing are similar and presuppose the existence of its own website (blog), where affiliate products can be promoted , as well as having your own subscriber list. And if you have a few thousand subscribers, you can feel free to offer them information products.
Of course overwhelming number of bloggers uses except the blogs and subscription lists, various of advertising Networks. On my experience that the vast amount of sales, affiliate products, is done actually from blogs.

But, still the tendency to all is about the same, only those bloggers who have a large subscriber lists, a large amount of sales made through lists.
Such references on the Internet is tens of thousands, In Affiliate Marketing such of traffic is called as “cold traffic”. Making sales to such clients is many times more complicated, however, sales from various advertising networks is extremely small, for beginners without list cultivating skills. “I’ll note that this applies to beginners who have no experience with “cold” traffic.”

Speaken about Affiliate Marketing and Info Products…
Pruduct have to be really “HOT” and very qualitative also for advertising, for “cold” traffic, ads have to be very correctly setted up. As example i was taken new info product what is
just launched about newest methods of getting traffic what works in 2014 called “Internet Traffic Formula” .

So, what we have there?

Very informative product and FREE introduction Videos…
Actually it’s includes FREE video series “Lessons” how to sell this same product, and you will build a list at same time! Only thing, this is very competitive product right now so, what i have done?

Just was created new Landing Page for it and put there little bit more information about product and created sales funnel for it. As we know purpose of Landing Page is to make first impression and get Information about Product or Service what we are promoting.

Here is my new Landing Page for this particular Info Product HERE

This was little intro how to promote products with out blog, and collect subscribers by
giving FREE Video tutorial to build list and sell products as Affiliate Marketing Beginner.

Of course you need to know some techniques to start your Real Internet Marketing
Business, so that’s why people use blogs to share own knowledge and experiences,
and perhaps on some day from this blog will be come new informational product!

– Vitaly