How to gain subscribers and double earnings?



emailFor now some facts.

As a result, the conversion rate is not too high. Even using qualitative subscription page, I have only 30% conversion, why?

Again, fault to all this is the competition. People have been so gorged to all these freebies that hell you persuade them to subscribe also to you.

Also, when you start to build your list in it can be easily gain a useless subscription base, easier speaking, as called “ballast”, which will not bring any dividends. For “ballast” I count a subscribers from Asia ( China, etc.) and Africa (Nigeria, Mali, etc.).

To gain same qualitative target list  (USA, Canada, England, etc.) is more difficult as it requires more time and significant investments.

Yes, I confess, I spent a lot of money. More than had collected subscribers. cry

The money I spent on the purchase of all kinds of training and payment of different services. It turned out to spend on it is not worth it. At least not in these quantities.

But now I know where should spend money, and where – no.

In general, If i calculate this, one subscriber on the topic of internet business and which is very competitive niche, so one subscriber costs me around 1 dollar. Maybe a little less.


But without spending money, to gather a good subscriber list, will be very difficult.
However, all costs over time can be recovered as well. Besides, your subscription base will not be taken away, and you will earn a lot easier.

Personally, I have not yet paid back the costs, but I am sure that soon i will do that! :)

On that with the facts, I think, done. Get down to business.

Everything you need to build your subscription base.


1. Need to have an account in the autoresponder.

I personally use GetResponse (good statistics and high deliverability of letters)
Very comfortable. The first month of use is without charge.
More read Here
2. We can create a free product.

Here, I think, is clear. Choose your niche, make a freebie and make it more appetizing.. :)

You can simply go to the site and find product with Reseller Rights (eg, and buy some e-book, video tutorial for the 3-4 dollars, what you can then distribute under your name.

Or create your own, how to do that? You can create a product simply using your blog or your personal knowledge about some issue.

3. Create a good Landing Page.

The page should be of high quality. Here is my page.

Just do not subscribe: you not needed me there, you still will not buy anything!  :)

Joke!!! There is nothing to buy!


Landing Page, you can create by yourself or you can use the templates from my own collection, or can be ordered on Fiver. However, for a good page you have to pay little bit more than $ 5.
Or you can even by plug-in for your WordPress blog and use it for your Sales and Landing Pages.
Now about how to get traffic and subscribers.


Now I will not write about them in details, differently it will turn to the whole course.

Well, here I just briefly list a and will characterize the ways that I considered most optimal to you.
Will be listing in descending order starting with the most effective.


1. Advertising in mailing lists “SoloAds”

Expensive, but the best returns. If you have a available pair of thousand $$$, then to gain 2,000 subscribers per month or less you will be able, be sure of that.

This type of advertising has given me more than 70% of subscribers. And that’s where I’m going to focus on in the future.

Hardest thing – is to find a diligent owners of the subscription lists, and not scammers who not have a good quality subscriber lists, they just have, like i said before “ballasts”.

And a couple of times i have encountered with such of fraudsters. wasted lot of money, but learned to approach the matter carefully.
To find deals for solo ads, you can go to and find them via inside search or you can use special social service called as “”

Be sure to read reviews and weigh the risks.


2. Contextual advertising

For contextual advertising you can use service – it is believed that it’s among of the five largest PPC networks.

Unlike Google-advords, have no problems with the single page sites as Landing Pages. Ie you can freely advertise your Landing  Page, without worrying that you are be banned.

3. Subscribers exchange  “Ad Swaps”

Plus of this method is that it’s free. You make an agreement with a colleague from your niche that you can recommend to him subscribers some freebie etc…  and he again – puts your.

Naturally, this method can be used if you already have an even slightly subscribers. At least 500 people.

Otherwise, nobody will agree working with you.

By the way, this method is also good for you that you can create useful contacts for yourself.
And future business.


Find deals on ad swaps is possible on and

4. Signed profile on forums

Simple and effective way. Choose several major forums of your topic and specify on profile your links to your blog/Landing Pages with a short description.

After that start as much as possible to post messages and create own topics. It is important that your description has to be catchy. When lot of people notice you,  someone would go to your blog or LP  and subscribe.

5. Youtube


Here, I think, everything is clear. YouTube has always been a great traffic generator.

There are other ways, but, as shown, is the most effective, was first three ways,  with makes me 80% of my subscribers.

Are you surprised that I did not mention about the blog.
Many of “gurus” have a blogs just for  formality.
and very hard to find their blogs in search engines, also there are few people who visits their blogs, in spite of their many thousands of subscribers lists.

And the thing is, that with subscribers they communicate mostly through newsletters and webinars. And also conduct an aggressive advertising, most advertisings is on other people’s products, rather than sending freebies.

And for us to mortality people, to normal people, blogs are actually main income source in online-business world!

And of course there is hundreds more places to get subscribers!


– Vitaly