Follow up series creation blueprint

Follow up series creation blueprint

Many people understand that E-mail – Follow Up’s – is an essential element of any online business.
And newcomers are always kept asking – how to create a newsletter. “Sales Funnel”, Follow Up series.


Before you start creating your ideal newsletter series , you will need to perform the first two steps, which will be the basis or foundation for a successful mailing.

First, you must be defined niche in which you work. Also, try to narrow niche, if it’s wide enough. In a narrow niche is always easier to find your target audience and give a point specialized information that will bring you a good response.

Also think about what you want to run newsletter? Like your hobby and you just want to share this information with other people, or you want to make money, to sell, such as your own information products or promote affiliate programs.

Whichever direction you choose, the second thing to do – is to create a portrait of the ideal subscriber (partners, customers). I also recommend to create a portrait subscriber with whom you do not want to work.

Below I present a list of questions to help with great precision to create a portrait of your ideal subscriber, customer or partner, depending on for whom is yours newsletters created.

1. About what thinks and what feels

  • What is important to him?
  • About what thinks?
  • What emotions, what feel?
  • What of joy, dreams, goals?
  • What is experiencing fears, troubles, sickness?

2. About what he hears

  • Who affects  the client from his surroundings and how?
  • About what talking his surroundings?

3. What doing

  • What really motivates them?
  • How they acts, what is their position?

4. Fears

  •  With their risk level, can take risk, or – can not?
  • What are barriers in life?
  • What  disappointment experiencing?

5. Goals

  • What he wants to achieve?
  • What success means to him?

It really is a very important step and a clear understanding of the image of your subscriber, his aspirations, fears, desires, problems, etc., will help and guide you as an author to create a newsletter series and really trusting relationships with subscribers. This is your look and your understanding of your customer.

The next step – is a scenario of letter series

And here we need a brainstorm. First, let’s analyze what you want to get from your subscriber what desired result to achieve. It is important to look from the perspective of the customer, not from a position that we want to get from it ourselves.

Let’s look at an example from Niche, advertising in Google Adwords. What our subscriber wants in this case, what he expects, what are the problems and fears he is experiencing?

He wants to sell his products through Google Adwrords at the lowest cost and thereby earn good money. We can see what difficulties experiencing our client in working with Google Adwords. Scared to take the first step, how not drain funds for nothing, how to properly configure the advertising company where to get keywords, how to make ads and headlines, how to conduct analytics in advertising campaign.

All this are a kind of issues, which will consist your mailing series and these will solve all sore problems of your target audience in this topic. Ie all your letters will be to find a solutions for these issues.

When the scenario is ready, the next step – is immediate creation of a short course of lessons, text letters, pdf-report, e-books, etc.

Techniques and ways of presenting information is a lot and you can choose the most appropriate to your topic. For this stage goes the most time and effort. But these costs are required to create a really high-quality and valuable content for people.

We think out a name and description of our Follow Up newsletter.

The name – is an important element of newsletter by which the subscriber decides to subscribe or not, whether he has read the description for the newsletter. The title should catch, to intrigue, and show major benefits to the subscriber.

In the description are typically specified main benefits the issues which will be solved in this mailing. If the description is vague and blurry, you’ll lose subscribers.

Register for e-mail service, you can Here, registration features for this service is described insight and you can easily pass it.

Do not stop at 3-5 letters or one course. Fill up your newsletter with new information continuously. This can be articles by other authors, books, news, new courses or lessons. Contact with the subscriber by sending letters 3-4 times a week, and give valuable free content, and 2 times a month you can offer paid products. This is optimal balance for successful interaction and creating credibility with your target audience.

Here is a tip how to find sales letters from Google for your newsletters and ideas.

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So, create your own Follow – Up newsletters and achieve your goals!

Good Luck

– Vitaly