Your very first step in Online Business


first steps to online marketing


In this article I will tell you about what needs to be done in the first step to start your business.

I’ll tell you what to do, step by step plan will show what to do and how to do.

Email – Auto Responder – is the first step to start from when you are just starting out on the Internet business.

With the help of e-mailing you will gain your subscriber base, communicate with subscribers and thus create your personal brand, and your expertise.

When you start to run your Internet business must understand that the subscriber base is not just an impersonal list set of e-mail addresses, they are – a real people who have their own issues and problems they want to solve, by subscribing to your newsletter.

People will buy from you only if they absolutely trust in you.

For this purpose all Online business owners have their follow  up newsletters and subscriber base , in which they in a certain way solve the problems of their target audience, thereby generating credibility to him.

So to start, I suggest to create a newsletter, and then your own informational products, or other products what you have to offer! Otherwise, you don’t have anyone for who you sell/offer your products.

Step number one. Find your niche for your mailing list.

Consider what you know about, best? What is your passions about what you’re interested in? Than willing to do from morning to evening, even if by that you will not be paid? What you know about most, your interests?

Just sit down and write down all the answers to these questions.

That is, decide what you will say to your subscribers what to share with them and why would be benefits to them and necessary to them.

There will always be people who want to get your information that interests them.

They will look at you an expert who will help them cope with the difficulties to solve their problems.

Do not think so, “I do not know”, “I do not know how,” “I can’t be useful in anything…” etc.

Each person understands in something and knows something better than others. And there are always people who know your area worse than you and want to learn from you.

Each person in something understands and knows something better than others. And there are always people who know your area is worse than you and want you to learn.

If you repeat to yourself “I do not know nothing”, “I do not know how,” as you would put to yourself-blocks in your mind and do not give yourself the opportunity to understand what you would like to share with your target audience, how to help them and what to offer to your audience.

This limiting beliefs, which you just have do some work. To eliminate them.

Step number two. Make a list of topics what is yours interests.

Write down what you’re interested in the most. Who and in what you are assisted to solve a problem.

There are many people who are just now with this problem and are looking for people who can help them. And you can do it.

Write a few lists with answers to these questions.

Then select one of these lists a topic sphere that truly you are interested in. And with it, you will work.

Step number 3. Create a newsletters.

Make a little plan of 5-7 points, and from it you can create lessons or make video tell about some useful information what you know about.

Step number 4. Select Email Auto Responder service.

There are several services, details of which I wrote in an article earlier about them  you can read here. Then you register the selected service and there create your new newsletter series.

Me myself conduct 3 own Follow up series in  GetResponse and I think that it is practically the most
convenient service. There you can create a series of automatic newsletters.

Step number 5. Create your own subscription page or landing page.

This page will convert your visitors into subscribers. About creating a landing page in details, you can read here.

On the landing page you place a subscription form, in which the visitor will fill contact form by enter his  e-mail and name, and thereby reaches your subscription list.

But the subscription form can be placed not only on the landing page, but also on your blog, which you should also have.

Step number 6. Take Action!

Start building your business step by step. It’s not as difficult as it seems. The main thing to take the first step!

These was the main steps in the next article i write about why you need your own blog and how it makes sales for you!

Next Step Read Here

Stay Tuned,

- Vitaly Junolainen



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