Introducing in Social Lead Freak and Social Media Advertising

The Mechanics Of Facebook Marketing And Social Lead Freak



Social Lead FreakFirst what do you need to do is of course create your own Landing Page
and E-Mail Autoresponder, use this Tools and how to create sales funnel “Follow up”
sequence series, Learn Here…

Because you always want to collect e-mails, like i said before, List Building is your main income source!

Now, as we know today most of people using Facebook to advertise, promote
their business, or products and services. And Facebook can be your main income
source if used right way!
I’m personally not a lover of group posting on Facebook it takes so much time
and actually very small amount of people open your ads in groups!

With Social Lead Freak tool you can target your audience, by groups, fan pages, people, Events, and even for who are commented on fan pages individually very highly targeted people also active people which are audience of interested unique prospects.

SLF allows you create targeted audience file by ID:s what you can upload
then on your Facebook AD Manager.

Check out this training video on building custom audiences with SLF

After you have created your custom audience with Social Lead Freak

Go to your Facebook Ads Manager


And create your ad choose Clicks to Website or Website Conversions.
If you use website conversions then you have to put on your Landing Page
Tracking Pixel code and verify it.

For Images on the ads choose bright color pictures to get people attention
and short Catchy Heading also relevant to your landing page short description.

Here is few of mine:


Woman pictures works very good, also famous people, but of course you need test them.
Facbook allows you upload several pictures, so you can A/B testing them what works better,
it’s depends of course what is your business or service etc…



Also very important you have to use always your tracking links, for tracking and testing your

Landing Pages CTR, also it’s very easy to change your landing page “URL” with out of manage
Ads itself,  just what do you need is change your LP link on your tracker and tracking link itself stays same! I’m personally using as Big Idea Mastermind member.

You can use for example or some similar to it. is also free service, for link shortening
and tracking. How to use trackers and other traffic methods you can watch HERE…

Next thing is to choose campaign PPC/CPM method? Always depends from size of your

PPC is “Pay Per Click” if you have large audience and very good AD and you know you get clicks anyway so, it’s much cheaper to use CPM method.

CPM “Cost Per Thousand Views” for audience between “500 – 10000″ people mostly cheaper to use CPM method and you pay for views so you make very cheap clicks,  can be 0.01 Cents per click!

But of course testing is always on the place when you work with Paid Advertising.

You can find a lot of information on the Internet how to setup Facebook campaigns, also

get your copy of SLF and Watch Videos To Make Successful Campaigns on Facebook

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