Effective E-Mail Marketing and little Secret Included!


Effective-E-mail-MarketingEmail-Marketing – it’s a great way to earn money on the Internet.

And although it is believed that this kind of marketing is dying and it’s only a matter of time, known experienced marketers suggests otherwise.

Email – marketing – marketing through email. That is all that is associated with a set of subscriber base, interaction and creating a trusting relationship with people, selling with sales letters – all this is e-mail marketing.

Main goal here is to sell – a product or service.

Email – newsletters is necessary for all who have something to sell. No matter where it happens in real life or on the internet. Now more and more entrepreneurs conduct their business in real life and create their own websites to promote products, online shops, portals etc.. etc..

Email – newsletters is not a spam! Between spam and legitimate mailing, there are clear differences, which we will discuss below.

So when to you get letters without your permission, and have only advertising in newsletter about some product – it’s spam. Mean “some person” buys from other person subscribers “base” list with for example your address including mail and sends there their advertising messages with a single purpose to sell your product or service. “Without permission!!!”

The second option – when the subscriber is subscribed to the newsletter itself, waiting for useful and interesting information from the website author, and it appears the author’s credibility – it’s legal! And it’s not spam!

There are several models of mailing, but the most effective of these are informational/ promotional model. “Content Marketing!

This is the option where the author observes a clear balance between “feeding” to subscriber free useful information and promotional offers. This strategy brings maximum profit for a very long time.

Ideally, your list should be very valuable in the eyes of subscribers. They must daily waiting for your new letter almost fanaticism, i.e they can’t live without your letters. And you have to become that person for them. This could be a quality free information that can help your subscribers to solve their problems.

Newsletter is realized in the form of letters and they were invented for that, it easier to author show his expert status, maintain a trusting relationship with subscribers.

And there are many ways to implement this strategy. You can write some articles, shoot video lessons on the topic, record audio, or invite to free webinars, or make master classes.

Once you have given to subscriber free information, you can send a sales letter offering to buy your product. Speaking of the relationship between free information and advertising, the most effective will be 70% to 30%, mean 70% of free information and 30% promoting. This information i know from one
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So, with the right strategy, an email newsletter can increase by many times the number of buyers of your goods, accordingly it increases your profits. And it is very nice!

We Hate SPAM! :)


– Vitaly Junolainen

P.S While i writing this i have one great idea to write post about e-marketing by hobby but it little later.
Stay tuned! :)