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E-Mail Marketing is not a Hobby
it’s your income stream!


In previous post i was tell you, i decided to write article about hobby mailing,

so here it is and remember E-Mail Marketing is not a Hobby it’s your income stream!
Sending sales letters without sales is hobby!


So, if you decided to base into online business you will need definitely to create and maintain the author’s own E-mail mailings.

On the need for E-mailing i was written an previous article so on that we shall not stop. More information can be found in the article “Effective E-mail Marketing.

I can only say that it’s a necessary tool “Instrument” of communication with your target audience.

And here I want to talk about how to create a full subscription mechanism to make it work for your business.

What is a subscription mechanism and what it include?

It includes all needs for E-mail marketing: a special page “Landing Page” with subscription form, directly newsletter itself, consisting of a properly structured series of letters that will receive the Subscriber.

In properly structured subscription mechanism should work in this way.

First, the visitor gets to your subscription page and sign up for the newsletter there. Or the same thing you can make on your blog, for example, where on the main page is placed subscription form.

At this point, our goal is to encourage visitors to subscribe. Ie you have to offer in return for contact details gratuity, valuable content, bonus or gift. This is very important.

Person signs up, if you give him a specific and useful gift or information right now. It have to be also a useful.

By subscribing, he gets on his mail a letter with a gift from you in the future for 5-7 days and some another useful information in the letters. These letters should also be written correctly and configured.

The purpose of the newsletters is  - to persuade your subscriber to buy your own product or product through your affiliate link. In the last letter of the series, you give a link to the subscriber, on your Sells Page, where he can make the order and  purchase.

This is the easiest “Typical” way. There are even more complex cycles when there is a huge series of letters to subscribers who methodically and purposefully persuades him to buy.

We will create our mechanism by a simple formula.

I think the purpose of such mailing is clear – to sell our own products or affiliate. We are in the business and want to make a profit. A delivery with no sales – it is a hobby.

Mailing is not a free application to our site, as some newcomers think. It is a working tool and our asset.

So, to set up such a mechanism at the first stage, we need to create some value and give it for free.

Make related to your topic free product, that gives solution of the main problems of your target audience. Here it is necessary to consider what the problem disturbs people and help them solve it.

Do not be afraid to give away free valuable information what for instance, could be given in paid course. On the contrary, give the best information!

In an ideal, it is important to give such material to persons, what they able to apply immediately, your tips, techniques and get them quick results in business. Give all that you know, believe this works!

Record a small training course, or for instance e-book and give it to the people in return for a subscription.

So, let’s define what you need to do now is to configure the subscription mechanism.

Come up with the idea of ​​ free product.

Create a free product.

“Pack free product.”

Now one  very important technical point, without it is impossible to deliver our newsletter. This is a question on what services to use to conduct our e-mail marketing.

And there are three options: free services, paid services and all kind of scripts.

Free services familiar to everybody, in these you can easily sign up and start to conduct and gain our newsletter subscriber base.

But the free service has one big disadvantage – you will not have access to your subscriber base and service administration for any reasons they can simply close the newsletter and you lose access to your asset.

Ie you will never feel the warranty and reliability of your permanent income.

In addition, these services are not allowed to prepare in advance a series of letters and send them at a specified time on full automatic to subscribers, as well as approach your members by name. And this is very important because a personal appeal to the subscriber by the name increases the credibility of you and response.

The second option is a scripts, for example i have seen lot of them as Clickbank products. The script is not free, but it’s not the biggest minus. The script must be installed on your hosting, configured and maintain by yourself. This is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming, and requires certain technical skills. The rest is fairly easy and inexpensive option.

The third option – paid services, such as GetResponse the given service has many good features

  • Register a free trial account
  • Personification letters appeal to the subscriber named
  • Access to subscriber base
  • A high percentage of deliverability letters
  • Automating the process

Today it is the most convenient service for E-mail marketing and I suggest to use namely this service. But the choice is always yours. More about GetResponse here

Part three is coming, about how to write sells letter series in few easy steps stay tuned…

- Vitaly

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