ebook_incomeI think the fastest and best way to start your business on the internet for a beginner is writing and “selling”  as informational product your e-book.

Millions of people around the world are looking for information on the Internet. It may be information to do something or learn something, to satisfy their curiosity, etc. Whatever the purpose of people are willing to pay for information which they want to own.




You can ask the logical question, why do people pay for something that you could find for free?

The answer is very simple. Find the right information is difficult. On the Internet there are billions of pages that are filled with useless and distorted information.

A chance to get high-quality, useful information from paid books in the creation and promotion of which were invested funds are very high.


There are two basic strategies for creating e-books.

The first strategy – is to write about what you yourself like, about what you interested, and willing to do, even without getting paid for it. The money will come automatically as a side effect.

A different strategy – is to know the needs of your audience, what people want, what they need, and give it to them!

The hottest topic here is of course: how to earn money, health, sports, hobbies, entertainment, etc.

And the best way to find out exactly what people want, it’s communicate in forums, groups in social media networks, etc. Where these topics are widely discussed.

Both strategies have their good points.

Alternatively e-book can serve as a special report, which, as a rule, it’s shorter, smaller in size and affect certain narrow topic, reflecting any of your personal results, achieving something. The main objective of the report – to give quick needed information to the audience.

Not always e-book can only be a source of income. Many marketers distribute their books for free to many as possible people to know about them as experts, and thus, building their brand and trusting relationship with their audience.

Also, using the free e-book, you can solve the problem of the lack of new subscribers to your newsletter. For e-mail visitor you just giving them your e-book.

The book can be applied as a bonus to your other products to increase sales.

By connecting affiliate program and giving to your partners a good commissions, you generally not need be engaged in sales, and receive at the same time a good income and a huge spread of your book on the Internet.

It would be nice to take on the establishment of such a book, which you can write, for example, in a week, then make its release and launch sales, and this process is can be repeated again and again.

E-book can be easily transformed into online training, audio, video, coaching, etc.


Creating an e-book does not require large investments, such as the printed version when necessary costs of printing, storage, delivery, etc. After payment you just give a link to download it!


Write e-books! Good luck!

– Vitaly