Email Marketing How to Start Fast


This is a great way to sell information products on the mailing list subscriber base.

Recently, a lots of talk about the fact that this kind of marketing is dying. But it is not so!

Basically, all the major internet entrepreneurs are selling through their own subscriber base or base partners.

Email-delivery is necessary for all who are engaged in sales. With the right strategy using the mailing you can increase sales of goods by many times and, therefore, profits.
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The basic scheme of email marketing.

The scheme of sales by the mailing newsletters consists of several steps, it is called the release chain, and looks like this.

The first touch. At this point you still do not say a word about your product, and raise some problem and stimulate people to debate, discussion of problems, etc. In that touch the author shows himself, creates a trusting relationship with the audience. This warming up the audience “training audience” before starting make sales. You can start in about 2-3 weeks before the release.

Second touch is recommended to create a useful content. If we in the first letter raised the issue, then the second touch we tell to readers, what to do in this situation. Giving valuable advice for free. Show that our proposal – is the solution to their problems. Audience trust in us is growing.

Third touch. Our own results shows that we were able to achieve. People also want to achieve that same. We show them that it is possible. And this gives confidence that they can do this same, well if they learn from you.

Fourth touch. Directly selling a product. In a sales letter show that what will get the customer, by buying your product.

We describe all benefits solving the problems of the client. Show reviews from other satisfied customers, to enhance the effect of a positive decision. Making dead-line, to encourage decision right now, because the offer is limited in time. At this stage may be more than one letter, 2-3 or more.

In this article, my goal was to show the most extensive and effective method. Although, everyone chooses techniques and methods suitable and acceptable for him.

Now you should only take and apply this in your business!

Good luck!

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