Content Marketing


How to create interesting content to engage audiences


A special technology: marketers create and distribute interesting and relevant information about the company and its product. This is not advertising, but better than any campaign! How does it work?

The main goal of content marketing – to engage consumers in the information field around a company or product. Unlike traditional methods of advertising, content marketing does not make buy a product or service, and argues that with the company worth to deal with, and the goods – Is really needs.

What possible with content – marketing

  • Inform the target audience about the goods or services;
  • Unobtrusively introduce the proposals of the company;
  • Sell goods via interesting content;
  • Create the right image of the company;
  • Work on brand recognition.

How content marketing works on the business?

Content marketing to increase search engine traffic from the regular growth of the semantic core. Number of new materials on the site is growing – and growing number of promoted requests.

Relevant and useful information raises site positions in search engines through natural and not artificial links.

Content marketing strengthens the credibility of the brand through quality content: information flow makes the company an expert for its customers and even competitors.

Content marketing has turned over Internet marketing in USA. Feel the wave? It goes, and if you do not have time to catch it, face under the water.  You may need a surf board?

Author of Bestseller about content marketing, Michael Stelzner puts it: “If the basis of your marketing strategy is to help people in their small needs, many of them will want to speak to you in dealing with serious issues … Your goal – to bring people to the following thoughts: “well, if your free advice are so useful, how useful will be your valuable goods and services? ”

Content Marketing


According to the Content Marketing Institute in 2013, the main purpose for which companies have resorted to content marketing – is to increase brand awareness (79%). Followed by attracting new users (73%). Interestingly, involve them in the interaction with the brand count only 64%.


















Where to start if you decide to use content marketing?

1. First of all, we should begin with the usual definition of the target audience. “Dig” is needed as deeply as possible. Identify and classify your users, their needs and habits. What type of content do they prefer? What they expect from it and how you can meet their needs with the help of content?

2. Determine the purpose of content: brand awareness, increase the number of leads, sales growth, increased confidence, loyalty? What precisely is the goal, the correct work will be built by creation of content and its distribution.

3. In the process, check your content on a reference groups. Find out how well the marketing goals are achieved. Ideal to use focus groups to basic content models to understand and predict the response of the audience.

4. Measure the effectiveness of campaigns. If the strategy works, it can be used further.


Content marketing requires regularity and consistency. This is not a quick way to boost sales, but those companies that are willing to invest in long-term marketing processes will certainly get a great result.


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- Vitaly Junolainen

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