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Marketing Fast StartLet 
me introduce myself – my name is Vitaly Junolainen.
– The author of this blog and all connected with it!
From a little up i was always interested in electronics and technics.
Almost born with known as Basic programming language in the head and
Commodore 64 personal computer
in the hands. :)


But no, i wasn’t been best in math when i was in school. It was just a hobby like of many other boys.

Computer games was interesting, but much more interests i was have in programming and computer management. Then of course i was bought my first x486 Intel based computer and start hard learning how to use MS-DOS “Disk Operating System”. And etc..

After Graduated college
 and trade school at same time in 2002. Was going working to good computer management company known as ATEA Finland. And of course i was have my another hobby cars.
When i get my driving license and bought my first BMW i was so excited in technics, engines, electronic control units. I start learn everything about cars and was  get new job pretty quickly. As car electric in one of the car services. And spend next eight years in car industry.

And was learning special techniques from Bosch Car Services and also get licenses for my own car repair company.  And of course i was changed many companies where i was working. Also in time was made my own car repair service. What i was closed after one year later when i get huge allergy on all of kind liquids.Time to change my job. And was start to seeking what i can do Online.

With Internet I am familiar from Token Ring  Networks time and 2400kb/s modems.
But, as in terms of earnings not perceived. Now when i came to Internet i was started reading other people blogs and search some solutions how to start earn online. I was very interested in Forex trading and Stock markets. Of course i was start learn again about trading and was sell my car and invested in Forex trading company and Stock trading company also tried binary options. It was terrible time when you sleep and see numbers and graphics in your head it was sometimes cool when you can earn some and bad when not! It’s like SIN wave always.

And at same time i was invest in few revenue shares where i was testing what is it. Later just In few months you understand you have no more money to live with this frigging earnings. :) Then i was sell my another Chevy and find new job as Car seller. I’t was nice about six month but very boring and in my box i was sitting and scraping Internet i was find Something very cool “Internet Marketing”.

Again new learning curve about all this online marketing and work from home industry. Where i’m was now about 2 years. And begin was from learn English language.
I was started reading a lot of books on English and watching all kind of how to videos from Youtube
etc… Also was join in one of Direct Marketing company where i was learned plenty of IM stuff and keep going…

English is my third language what i have to learn and Online business is very attractive so i’m here. But this all not about selling, this is all about communication with other people that why i’m was going to car selling just to communicate with others.

At same time i was doing much my own works as computer repairs and freelance stuff electrics repairing to other people some website making and as consulting what “car or TV” to buy.
Some little money to keep my Internet business grow.  And this is not a thing! When you do something work you have some money, when you stop you are broke and always depends on your clients.
And when you are burned out and try to create something new in your business, in your life and you have to change everything and Online business is the place where anybody can create something big.
And Internet gives you all what you need.

In process with my interest and learning my online business i was figured out this is best way to personal development and self-realization what is very important for me. And understand the theory is simple, easy and clear. But practice is difficult no linear and very slow. And with no systematic approach and with no knowledge you can lose lots of time and get small results or even not get any results. And after disappointed, you can drop everything, what you have done.

So, that why on this blog i give you tested and working techniques and share my personal thoughts, also tell you the secrets and practices – will give you all my knowledge to help you my friends, move from the category of theorists to category of successful online business practitioners.

In 2012 I firmly set a goal to go to the online earnings in my Internet Marketing industry.

After long time learning the theories i can probably say it’s possible to make money Online.
And one of the important things is: Money is not on the first place.

– Vitaly Junolainen

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