Affililiate expert academyWhen it comes to making money online, these days available as many different ways that you may have before you start to do anything, begins swell the head of the abundance of information. And at the same time all these possibilities open to you ways of earning to living or for extra income, or save on the purchase of everyday goods.

People who earn their living through the Internet constitute a fairly wide range, from bloggers who use their sites as a means of expressing their thoughts, to professional Moneymaker, whose actions are focused on the promotion of products and services over the online shops.





CPA is the only way to make money online without creating a sales – “Sell Without Selling”

And this is true because in CPA (cost per action) you can earn money
even without a a product for sale! You just fancy each other buyers and sellers.
CPA is a great way to make money online.
In a typical internet marketing you sell other people’s products and earn commission for each transaction.
Someone creates a product you are promoting and selling it, and this strategy is win / win, in which everyone wins.
We can’t say that it has worked well for many years,
and still continue to produce results for many people.

CPA is different – it’s another because you, as a marketer can earn a commission simply providing Leads for a specific product or business -
you really are not required to sell anything, usually a potential client must provide an email address or be registered in the system
by filling out a short form – and for that alone you can already get paid.

Let me show you an example of customary CPA-Offer, which can be promoted related to children going to school, the proposal was only required to fill the e-mail address under roughly,
here is the ad example:

“Gather the children to school? Win a gift card from Staples for $ 500″ Now, when someone fills out e-mail this offer will pay $ 1.40 for each e-mail. Agree, cool?

Some Offer, which you use to pay you can be for example. $ 30 every time someone fills out a short form with their data. You did not even sold, but still eraned $ 30.

You can see why CPA is a powerful way to earn online?

If not, then wipe your eyes and open them, drink something, even though the water and read it again! Sounds great, no sales, and they pay me, but … why?
If the customer actually bought nothing, why the company is paying you?

Because new customers are a driving force of any business, and depending on the business itself, they can be very profitable.
Business will pay you for each Lead in the hope that a new customer will actually buy something from them in the future.

In most cases, it is much easier to bring Lead, and then sell the product, because your client will not have to part with money – at least for now – that makes your progress much easier.
You become a mediator between the potential buyer and business.

Well, let’s say that I’m in! What should I know?

Now, before you start making money online with CPA
There are a few things you should know.

First, you need to be accepted by the CPA network.
CPA Networks – a place where you will find offera for promotion, links, support, in general who and will actually pay you.

Because the CPA such a simple way to make money if done correctly, these networks are little picky for those who are going to work with.

When you sign up for affiliate network, you have to choice offer.
Some of them are more beneficial and more popular and more reliable than others.

What will be the best option to start.

I’ll give you the same advice that when I got himself.
“When it comes to buying stocks, buy companies that you like, services and products you would use in everyday life.”
The same applies to the CPA Offer, Promote things that you love, that you yourself would like to try or buy.
In the end, it’s all a numbers game, the more people will see your offer, the greater number of them will be your Lead.

If you follow the basics and tehniques of CPA marketing, some of which we have already touched upon, then you will be successful on your way in internet marketing and you will be


- Vitaly


Affiliate marketing

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