Internet – spawned a whole new type of work!


affiliate marketingInternet – it’s the greatest socio- economic phenomenon of our age. It’s changed the way of communication and people’s lives. It also spawned a whole new type of worker – remote worker (or freelancer ) .
These are people who only work via the Internet. Some are earning through their own blogs, others build affiliate programs , and others provide various web services .
Regardless of the business model , there are many reasons that make remote work attractive. Below , let’s look at some of them.




1. Removing the need to get to work

Even if you live in an enviable proximity to the workplace, you will still spend on charges and the way a certain period of own lives every day. For example, if the road takes you no than half an hour (car or transport), in day you steadily spend 1 hour in a way which is more than 200 hours per year.
Why not use that time for something more productive? You could read a dozen books, learn something new (such as playing a musical instrument), to improve job skills and so on.

2. Ability to work on your own terms
Imagine a time when you no longer need an alarm clock to get up. If you are working online, you can work at any time you want. Do you feel that the peak of activity of your brain falls on the night? Then work at night! And maybe, you want to have a day off on Wednesdays? That’s your choice!
Working on your own terms, you can make yourself a work schedule and arrange your workplace. You can wear comfortable clothes, instead of tedious costume, listen to your favorite music while working (especially if it increases your productivity) and so on.

3. Ability to work anywhere

This is just an explanation of the “work at home”. In essence, we can work anywhere, and this is undoubtedly a great advantage! All we need is a reliable Internet connection (which can now be found almost anywhere in your city). You can work from cafes, parks, and even on the beach (as we have wireless connection everywhere).
On coincidence of circumstances, you can even work from other countries, if you love to travel, and at the same continue to work on the same “sites” (like many of people do).

4. You can interact with a variety of people

Of course, online interaction is not as productive as dialogues with an eye on eye but worth mentioning that in this manner you have the opportunity to interact with hundreds of people at once.
You can communicate with people from all over the world, people are absolutely different spheres of activity and interests. Perhaps, at first your friendship with these people will not be as strong as with local colleagues in the office, but time makes own job.
There are hundreds of precedents laid-off workers have found partners and launched a very successful projects on the Internet, and at the same have never seen each other’s eyes.

5. Flexibility

Huge advantage remote work is flexibility. You can create different types of websites explore the various niches and study various models of buisiness, though every day.
For example, you can start a blog on a topic that appeals to you, then experiment with it, and run an online store in the same niche.
This flexibility makes the job on the internet at the same time fun and profitable.

6. Lower risk

Many people are working on the job from 9 to 17 because they genuinely believe in security. A regular job you can get money steadily every month, while in the online business is not so smooth and stable.
In certain cases this is true, but in most cases your own online (or even real) business is much less risky. For example, when you work for company, you can be fired suddenly in any day. Sometimes even the best workers are dismissed due to cost cutting policies.
If you have your own business, it’s all in your hands. No one can fire you. Of course, your business can go awry, but at least it depends on you personally.

7. You own boss

It is rare to meet someone who is comfortable with his boss, huh? Even if your boss is the perfect person to execute the instructions of another person – it is still not the best solution.
By working online, you can easily protect yourself from this problem. You will still have buyers, readers, advertisers, which will require your attention and some action from you, but your stress level will be much lower than if you had a chief.

8. Opportunity to improve business skills

Each website designed with the idea in the brain of ​​the earnings can be seen as a small business entity. You need to deal with the resources (ie, find hosting, and choose to redeem the domain), communicate with people (ie, web designers, content creators), with customers (readers or buyers) and so on. You will also need to develop a business model, work out a system of marketing and so on.

In other words, you get the important skills in business, and will get them constantly, and that’s important.

9. Opportunity to grow into a big business

Most websites are initially based on the enthusiasm. If you have a good idea and you put enough power in its realization, it can develop into a serious business. As seen circulated such stories: “Blog was originally created by one person, and today for same project “given subject” have several authors, editors, and the site brings in millions of dollars a year.”
And not necessarily immediately grasp at “the top.” There are hundreds of companies specializing in web design, affiliate programs and consulting, which were organized as a hobby, and now are a major source of income.

10. Your work will be subservient to your wishes and preferences

Personally, I am sure that there are no short paths to success. You work for a corporation or have your own small company, if you want to succeed, you need to be “worked out” in full.
Of course, between the two scenarios presented above, there is a big difference. In the first scenario you put heart and soul into someone else’s business. Of course, you will have a stable salary, but you will always think that someone takes your time and receives through you a lot more profit.
If you have your own business on the internet, all your efforts will be focused on what you have yourself. If you work for yourself, all profits will be yours.

In conclusion: of course, work at home have not only the positive side, there is another dozen disadvantages, and even more. I also cover them later.

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